Sunday, March 28, 2010

1200 points?

Yes, the stimulus package is FIFTEEN DOLLARS!!! That's quite a bit of money. Three dollars each? I wouldn't normally do this, but i think i will buy it, just because I'm stupid. Yeah, it's a lot of money, but i like the game, and i'll spend the money to keep playing. It's funny how stupid i can be. Now, 15 dollars could buy me:
-Trials HD
-A whole lot of indie games
-Several Ice Cream sandwiches
-A CD of some sorts (DEAD MILKMEN!!!)
-Some really good maple syrup
-Fifteen XBOX live avatar berets (of course I already bought one so that would make 16)
-A whole lot of nostalgia critic references
-Some actual talent?
(On the above note, did you know that I changed my XBox Live Gamer picture to a Breakfast Burrito, it's a free picture pack!)
-The transformers movie from 1986
-T0y Soldiers
-Perfect Dark (With 400 points left over, which i could probably buy worms, or some RVB Episodes)
-Some... Music
-Clarinet Lessons

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